Art For Wildlife's Sake

Posted: 24/10/2020

Breakthrough nature artist James Wild held his first ever exhibition O N E W I L D in October - November 2019, with a goal of raising awareness of, and funds for, FFI.

The exhibition and private views, generously hosted by London's Arboretum Club, created quite a buzz. To date, Jamie has raised a tremendous £11,000 for FFI.

Jamie's exhibition showcased a range of vulnerable and critically endangered species including lion, orang-utan and elephant, sculpted from discarded scrap metal and then cast in bronze.

Every sculpture is handcrafted - making each one an entirely unique piece. Information about the species and FFI's conservation programmes was displayed with each sculpture. Jamie said ' The idea that these beautiful sites around the world and the creatures that inhabit them are threatened to the point of extinction is a horrific prospect. 

This was the inception point of O N E W I L D, an exhibition that captures the essence of these wild places, tells the story of the animals and the habitats today, the work that is being done to prevent extinction and completing the circle with 20% of each sculpture sold going to FFI.
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